Indhold Dansk Sportsmedicin nr. 1, 2017

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Tema:Multiprofessionel muskuloskeletal forskning på Syddansk Universitet (Multidisciplinary musculo-skeletal research at University of Southern Denmark)


From FIF to FOF. 10 years with multi-professional research with relevance for physiotherapy at University of Southern Denmark
Ewa Roos

Collaboration is the future: Center for muscle and joint health at SDU
Jan Hartvigsen, Ewa Roos and Karen Søgaard

The way forward is evidence-based
Julie Bolvig, Carsten Juhl and Hans Lund

From Melbourne to FOF and return. Biomechanical research across continents
Michelle Hall and Maria Thorning

Biomechanical factors in knee OA – being in a EU-project
Joyce van Tunen and Alessio Bricca

Surgical and non-surgical treatment of knee osteoarthritis – a balance between evicence of benefits and harms, and patient needs and preferences
Søren T. Skou and Ewa Roos

Good Life with osteoArthritis in Denmark, GLA:D. The first treatment option, also for those with post-traumatic osteoarthritis
Ewa Roos and Søren T. Skou

The Good Life with osteoArthritis in Denmark Initiative: Patients perspective
Angela Ching

Why knee arthroscopy is no better than placebo surgery for degenerative meniscal tears – deconstructing a popular myth
Jonas Bloch Thorlund

Large Increase and Regional Differences in the Utilization of Meniscal Surgery in Denmark
Kristoffer Borebjerg Hare

Young people with old knees
Adam C. Culvenor

Are you better? Improvement following ACL reconstruction
Lina Holm Ingelsrud

Knee Injury and Generalised Joint Hypermobility
Tina Junge and Birgit Juul-Kristensen

Femuroacetabular impingement syndrome: “Hip and trendy” in orthopedics and sports medicine
Erik Poulsen

The shoulder is the ’new knee’
Birgit Juul-Kristensen

Clinical guidelines on shoulder problems and neck pain, how can they be used? Strength and limitations
Birgit Juul-Kristensen and Inge Ris Hansen

Reliability and validity of clinical cervical tests in persons with cronic neck pain and asymptomatic controls
Inge Ris Hansen and René Jørgensen

The Measureable Shoulder
Henrik Eshøj and Camilla Marie Larsen

Ultrasound of the shoulder should follow standardized protocols
Kim Gordon Ingwersen and Birgitte Hougs Kjær

Elastography – how hard can it be?
Karen Brage and Kim Gordon Ingwersen

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